December 30th, 2012

1. Do it now.

I hate listing this. I hate it because I’m a natural procrastinator. I also hate acknowledging my flaws. So there she is. Numero uno. Because whenever I do complete tasks, I am delighted.

2. Brew love, not poison.

I once heard the saying, “holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” What good is hating someone? When you’re filled with contemptuous thoughts for someone, you are just filling yourself with hate. That feeling festers and poisons your mood. When someone makes you really angry, think about someone who makes you really happy.

3. Maybe their dog died.

People’s moods are rarely a reflection on you. Calm the ego down and remember that the person you’re talking to might be being a bitch because she’s a bitch, but she also might be being a bitch because her mom has cancer, her dog died, her boyfriend dumped her, a side project failed, she was raped, she was diagnosed with diabetes, you get the idea. Most wounds are below the surface and most people have to trudge through their day to day lives without being able to care for those wounds. Be kind.

4. If the consequence is only a feeling, go for it.

If what you’re afraid of is heartache, embarrassment, disappointment, then go for it. You can handle emotions. They are prisons you create for yourself and you can escape them.

5. Every great love once meant nothing.

There was a time when I didn’t know Wife. A time when I didn’t know CollegeEx. A time when 3 was just some kid in the parking lot, 11 was just some guy on a boat. There are bridesmaids, family members, and lovers I haven’t met yet. You never know who these people will be or where they will come from. Live your life with open arms.

6. Someone is always enviable. Someone is always jealous.

For every person I envy, there is someone who envies me. Be grateful for who you are, what you have, where you came from, and where you can go.

7. What happened on July 6, 2003?

I have no fucking idea what happened on July 6, 2003. And in eight years, I probably won’t remember what happened today either. Most things aren’t that big of a deal, so stop acting like it’s the end of the world.

8. Forest from a seed.

In 2004, my mom suggested I try out for an a cappella group. I got in, I stuck with it, in 2008 we toured the Caribbean, I met a man, I sent him a resume, he hired me, I moved there, worked for a boutique resort, and met one of the great loves of my life. All because my mom suggested I try out for a cappella. A one minute audition moved me overseas and had me fall in love. A forest from a seed.

9. One flaw is not a whole person.

This is a reminder to not judge people so quickly. When you judge someone for ridiculous details, you miss out on how incredible they are overall. If someone decided I was a bad friend because I don’t call them, they’d miss out on the fact that I’d also pick them up at the airport at 4 am.

10. Be who you aspire to be.

Would you choose to be the girl gossiping and scowling at work all day? Would you choose to be the girl sobbing between bites of mac n’ cheese? Would you choose to be unhealthy, unhappy, unsuccessful, unmotivated, uninteresting? No. So don’t be. I choose to run, to smile, to think before I speak, and to treat myself like I’m worth it because I am.

Most of you have probably seen this, loved it, reblogged it, but I am just getting on the DBN bandwagon and this. THIS! It seemed particularly relevant today for myself and others. 

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